Well folks, we find ourselves at the end of yet another year. It seems that the t’internet is a blurr of annual reviews, dont panic, I wont bore ya. There are three main events which stood out this year.  At the the end of February yur Granny found herself a very reluctant inmate of H.M.P.G.R.I. Yip, a most unfortunate experience where once again I was utterly ashamed of my former profession. (nursing). Their misdemeanours’ would take a months worth of blogs, however…. it also brought out the better side of humanity and gave me a warm fuzzy feelin, how so you ask, well, my mate Teeny, whit ah wummin, she kept my sanity intact for 6 days with her texts and rounding up support from around the world via StPixels. I know Ive said it a hunner times before, but you peeps over there truly made me feel loved and cared for, thanks again peeps.

The saddest event this year was the passing of my great friend from Stpixels, dearest Abbynormal

 Abbs and I never met, but we built a strong bond. We loved to talk about our families, unfortunatly exchange notes on our various medical conditions, but above all Abbs and I loved a good laugh. I was utterly honoured to be asked to take part in her memorial service which was a sad but overwhelmingly uplifting occassion. So Abbs, I’ll lift a wee Dr Pepper tae ye the night, sure that you are upstairs in the bar mixin’ cocktails with your own blend of US/Scots patter.

Bestest bit of the year had to be without a doubt the family return to here

Aye, me the pixie polis and Dekwan had an utter blast on oor hodilays tae the Wee Toon, thats Campbeltown to yous, but specifically Peninver. Mither and me and the dugs Dekwan and his twin Lilly were in one caravan. Pixie Polis, Maw and Paw Pixie, Auntie an some strange git we managed to ditch about Septemeber were in the van next door. Suffice to say pixie polis  took full advantage of the freedom this place gave her. When after  a week, aye just a bleedin week, it was all over, mither dispatched on a plane the day before, we took, wait for it…..ten, yes ten hours to get back to the hovel that is Auchenshuggle, and whit a bleedin comedown that wis. Suffice to say we are all going back next summer, and the pixies are intending on settling down there some time in the near future. Thanks Kintyre..its was bloody emotional.

So, whatever our up to for Hogmanay I hope you have a safe, warm and fun time, to whit may I  offer you my words of wisdom. COUNCILS, grit the bloody paths, your runnin this country inte the ground wi the increase in broken limbs and time off work due to slips and falls, dont gie us any h yur excuses, just move yur arses, or gie the job tae someone who is better organsied, like me, ya numties.

TEENAGERS, see when I wis your age, I didnt think it was beneath me tae clear the path outside my paternts house or for that matter our neighbours. so shift your backsides away from the Xbox or the Wii and prove your generation aint the useless articles so many folks like to think.

THE REST!! If your out and about it goes without sayin, dress for the weather, ie nae skimpy T shirts and mirco minis the night, hmm, now there is a thought, whit would Jimmy look like in that get up?? Sorry, got distracted there. Now dont forget the footwear here folks, nae white heels the night, why not try grannys advice and wear sensible shoes with a pair of old shocks OVER them!! Aye, laugh all ye like, but yur Granny isnnae going to have another week at H.M.P.G.R.I. wi a broken hip thanks very much. Course if you really want to push the boat out you could always order some of Grannys earmitts, I tell you, everyone will be wearig them next week

So, a Guid New Year Tae Yin an A’, I’ll lift a wee glass tae yous at the bells and dont forget your Irn Bru for the sore heids.

Ill leave you with a song, my alternative to Auld Lang Syne,



About auchenshugglegranny

I am 49, from the far East of Glasgow and just write gibberish..really...mmmhhmmm

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  1. OOOh Granny, you’ve redone your blog- jolly smart!!! i love the ear muffs. your model looks a tad bemused though…

  2. Love it—-hope te coming year will be happy,healthy and psosperousxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Mull of Kintyre is the best thing Sir Paul ever wrote. And that’s sayng something.

    Have a Happy New Year. I hope 2010 is the best ever!

  4. Happy New Year dollface, it was a cold wan last night for the bells, and the best place to be was probably by the oul fire.
    Today finds me visiting some peely-wally family members up in the greyness that is Gartnavel, and then the cold trek up to a very lonely Dalnottar to place the flowers for those who we leave behind.

    A poignant moment for masel this morning, I stood beneath the Erskine Bridge at Bishopton, alongside the Clyde, and gave thought to the two wee bairns who took their own lives recently.

    I was not alone…

    Here’s to happier times this year hen.


  5. Sad,for the kids and for their families

  6. auchenshugglegranny

    whit an asteamed collection of first footers I have today, LL glad you like the new look hen. An Tad, good tae see ye hen. Barry, you are obviously a man oh great taste and hope you enjoyed the scenery on the clip, alas not mine . I have to confess to having liked Wings more than the Beatles over the years, though in my decreptiness I’m comin round tae the fab four.
    Jimmy, more power to ye for makin the trip tae the bridge. as is the tradition me an ma Scots mate Teeny got chattin aboot how Hogmanay is diffrent for us than the rest of the world. I think to be honest this needs to be blogged, its not an easy thing for others to understand, so today or the morra its on the list. I’ll lift a glass to happier times wi ye Jimmy.

  7. More a first-pawer and late at that, but a very good 2010 to you and yours grannye from me and my fat mate Marmers in Fife. May all your wishes come true and all your troubles be teeny weeny toty wans!

  8. thinking of you 🙂

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