Oh humble and faithful reader…soo dreadfully sorry to have abandoned you into the ether for so long…will try to do better….will probably fail dismally. I’m not going to even give you any excuses…’cept as some of you may know,,nipped me a wee..(more on that big lie later)…Norsk. Met via t’internet..didnae last..sigh…but omg..what a blast while it did.

To catch you up to date, we now have another addition to the family..we Adie, who will be 1yr old next month..sheeese time flies. Pixie is now 6..yeah I know, how did that happen. all the children have left witt I gave  a hearty yeeehaw. No, sorry to disappoint, place aint improved one jot. Close is improved but the rest,, sheese, keep playin the lotto. Big weans are all fine…mither is grand, 85 and still kickin her height and rummagin through second hand shops for lost copies oh Lofty Peak. Dekwan is 7 now, and fine, still a wee bitty neurotic, but don’t see that improving now do you. Me?? Well, still breathing, still here.

So what d’ye want tae talk aboot. I realise my surfacin again might have come as a shock…so I’ll let you guys have a think on that one. If I come up with anything interesting in the meantime well, you will catch it here. Hope to hear from some old pals…and new ones would be welcome too.

If I don’t see you soon I’ll see yu through the windae….name that filum!!!


About auchenshugglegranny

I am 49, from the far East of Glasgow and just write gibberish..really...mmmhhmmm

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  1. Welcome back,fellow nutjob–I’ve missed you,hurry up with all the latest gossip 🙂

  2. auchenshugglegranny

    aww hen…guid tae see ya…I shall think of summat, coff coff…exotic to post in the sweet by n by…….about to go baton down the hatches for round three of bonfire night…is it me?? do they get bigger and louder every year…hmm me finks me is getting auld…..hang on.. me? hmmm … well mibbies the body is..but..I still aint a growdyd up!!!!

  3. Auchenshugglegranny’s not dead NO she is alive!!

    Woop woop

  4. Hooray!!! Great to have you back!! Waiting eagerly for all the news that’s fit to print.

    (I failed the film test, though. Boo!)

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