A wee old wummin died today… that’s sad…but lets try and remember as she was before her dotage….a spiteful ole witch who despised those aneath her and didnae mind who saw it or knew it… power cuts we don’t have because employees are too feart tae fart ner mind strike…private landlords, your case is NOT the norm Marilyn…and gawds knows I should know…cause one tried to kick the door in of my wee 87 year old wummin a few weeks ago at 9pm….the same we auld wummin whom if she died today would pass with very little fuss…..why, cause she is just my wee mammy…mother of 2 nannie of 5 g/g of 3…not to mention the extended family who love adore and respect her still coming her for advice even in their late 60’s..a wummin who marched against Thatcher on the streets of Glasgow while I aged 18 was left in charge of a ward of 60 patients with one auxiliary to assist…know what I’m proud of that…proud of those who strike against her stealin cheatin ways…and fervently proud of my wee mither

Well folks that was my bitter ranting rant following the demise of our former Prime Minister on face book earlier.

First woman prime minister, she did for women’s equality in politics what Rabbie Burns did for fidelity ..she single handed ley put the possibility of any other woman reaching no 10 Downing street decades into the future..well done Maggie.

I am told she stole the milk out of my mouth..well, not MY mouth, I used to turn up every Monday with my milk money in my duffel coat, so did most kids in our class… but know for a fact Miss Ross and Mrs Bradley used to give magic money to kids in their classes so they would get the milk and not have to look different from the class..in both instances I knew of the granny’s were brining up the kids and things were tight..so thanks for that Maggie…okay no one got rickets…but many had the stigma of poverty piled on their young shoulders.

Sale of social housing…ohh this Maggie is my all time favourite. Yes I will allegedly benefit from your policy, when my we mammy pops her glorious clog…no she doesn’t wear clogs, but you know what I mean folks, me and my other sibling will sell the family home and split the profit. Now that’s great news if you have a house and aint on benefits…but my bro has a house and is on benefits…say bye bye to any government help for a few years son cause you got dosh so they wont be paying you…me I don’t have a house, I stay with her, my kids are living at mine ATM…so Il’ need to get a private let…I recon pph a couple of years and there will be none left. As for the housing stock…I need ground floor access, I owe them rent..therefore I can go raffle my donut…my daughter, who should be officially homeless, is in the same position…so thanks for that Maggie, cause now there are no social housing places to turn to.

The crushing of the unions, I swear if I hear one more dumb comment about well we don’t get power cuts now I will spit..Sure we don’t, like I said employees are also feart tae fart. The Employment laws in this country are an absolute joke, basically you can cast anyone aside with little regard or fear of retribution from the government in the form of any agency. Well done Maggie…you shafted an entire workforce

I could go on, of course, but I’m leaving my favourite one for last. The insidious capitalization of this country, the destruction of society and community alike…wannna guwess who ..yeah you got it Maggie. She sold the council housing stock in the hope of turning every buyer onto the capitalist idealism. Started with houses, then they stopped wearing school uniform, and going o school became a fashion competition, I call them the’ trainer generation’. If they cost under £100 you got laffed at…then they wanted TV’s, games, computers now three year olds aint complete without a tablet and seven year olds need smart phones for school. Thats the ill divided world that Thatcher created..a very firm dividing line between the haves and have nots, perpetuated by their parents and grandparents who ‘wanted to give their kids better’. Know what, I was born in the 60’s grew up in the 70′ thought we were well off because I had a pickles bike, tiny tears and went on holiday to visit my gaggie every summmer…and I was rich

So no, this blogger will shed no tears for the tyrant who drove her greed and dismissal through generations of this country. I just hope that this nation will rise off its knees and take responsibility for the nation not the individual.


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