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Now, as you will know, that title is the equivalent for normal women…with loads of clothes, saying I have nothing to wear. But, claes aint ma fing!! To witt I have, literally thousands of book…literally. One day I should count them really…the meenister came to make the arrangements for the weans’ (burper) Naming Day ceremony and his eyes were out on stalks lol, not to mention that he found my collection somewhat bizarre nae..ecclectic as he said.
Anyhoo, I digress, as usual. but you get the picture. I have nothing to read…to wit, mother gives me a lenna one of her tomes..I shall give you the words of the author as he wrote in his forward.


Although I have not knowingly tampered with any essential truths in this book, I have taken reasonable liberty of telescoping some events, reshuffling various bits of chronology, moving some individuals about and giving some of them false moustaches to save them possible embarrassment in a public appearance which they did not seek. A man who is bandying his friends about ought to bandy them gently. My bandy acquaintances with understand this and forgive me.


Thus writes the dear Cliff Hanley, Mr Glasgow as he is fondly remembered. Well known historian, journalist and weegie through and through. Mither has given me, and I have no idea where she got it from, Dancing in the Streets. All I know so far is its 30’s Glasgow..East…I shall dear reader keep you abreast of the contents, I’m sure this one is gonna be worth the effort.

The pic..oh, well seems pics of Mr Hanley and his many literary works are as rare as hens teeth as mither would say…so, have a pic of Our old school, yip we both went to the same hallowed halls of edumication..word has it he might just be in there somewhere, but I cant find my reading glasses…so confirmation would be helpful.